The New Interactive Study Bible

NKJV Bible

This new Bible has the following features:

  • Search the entire Bible for any text (e.g. mat 2:13)
  • The pages fip in a realistic animated way to similate a real page turning in a book.
  • Videos of each chapter of Genesis and Psalms.
  • Print a section of scripture.
  • Downlaod a section or complete Bible in PDF.
  • Zoom in and out to the page.
  • Share by email or social media.
  • Add your personal bookmarks.
  • Add your personal notes.
  • Add your personal highlights to text.
  • Compatible with you ipad, iphone, or andriod. Take it with you to church.
  • (note: all bookmarks, notes, and highlights are saved in cookies on the device you are using when you create them.)

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