People with Disabilities

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Re: People with Disabilities

Post by Songbird81 » Tue Jan 23, 2018 9:58 pm

AMEN Sunsets, same here

I have autism, ADHD, cognitive disorder, ODD, argumentative impulsive disorder, Panic disorder and possible torrettes though never diagnosed since it did not run in my family the dr said, to name just a few. But God is so good, HE uses us in our weaknesses, just like my old blog post I posted here says. Holy Spirit led post. I am strong when I am weak, and Nothing has ever stopped me from doing as God has called me to do. I even graduated from college on the Deans list! I got my drivers license and learned how to budget my own money, I am definitely a success story!

The one we serve is mighty, how I love Daddy God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit, without them I would be nowhere fast. Through HIM I am more than an overcomer!

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