Which Bible Should We Not Trust? by James4_14

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Which Bible Should We Not Trust? by James4_14

Post by Eye » Tue Oct 10, 2017 3:54 pm

I was really amazed at the views of the KJV as far as the easiness of understanding and I understand that concern. But saying satan loves this Bible for the difficulty of understanding is a stretch.. If this analogy is to be taken into account, then I would suggest people check out their own Bibles as to the omissions and changes made and consider what the devil may say of them. At least the KJV is more true than any I know. There ARE Bibles easy to understand and have not gone thru changes that seem to dilute the word or seemingly produce their own interpretations. The good News Bible, at least in the book of John, is word-for-word with the KJV. The KJV has VERY few differences and still does not change the meaning at all.
The original texts are the ONLY pure Word and ANY translation will house discrepencies. The only question is...Do these discrepencies infect the Word?
In my view, the differences and omissions in the NIV MAY border on blasphemy. God will see the effects of this and judge accordingly.

All you folks may want to check your Bibles and also check this link and compare.


I would be careful condemning Bibles without info. What you are comfortable with may be exactly what satan is comfortable with. You new Christians can be affected tremendously. Watch out when your ears are tickled. GO FOR THE GOLD!! (gold is a symbol of God's purity)

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Re: Which Bible Should We Not Trust? by James4_14

Post by Mario » Wed Apr 11, 2018 5:03 pm

I'll have to continue digging through the whole thing there but from what I've learned there's a few good translations out there - I don't buy the whole "KJV only" stuff for various reasons ... one would be that the KJV is an English bible and I cannot help but wonder then ... what about all those other people who don't know English? ... There's even people who claim that 2000 years ago people all knew today's English ... I'm sorry ... that goes a little beyond the scope of the whole thing ... I am sure that you aren't saying anything of that ...

I think I can say I agree with you though that there are certain books called "bible" which aren't really the bible any more because of their addition or removing of passages or phrases, etc that distort God's word.

When it comes to read the bible in English I am currently checking out the ESV and NASB for instance.

Additionally two links and a thought here I thought could further help : )

Dr. James White wrote a book on bible translations / KJV only-ism - I haven't checked it out yet but I heard it's a good one. He also debated numerous times on these and many other topics.

https://www.youtube.com/results?search_ ... +white+kjv


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