Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to the Father!


The 4 Gospels Christian Network is here to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are here to give the disabled and shut-in Christians a place to hear God's word taught truthfully and honestly according to scripture. We also offer Christian Recovery from hurts, habits, and hangups! We are not a place for the icthing ear to be scratched.

Bible Studies online (5) nights a week 8:30 pm ET. Held in our audio/video chat rooms. Our Bible studies are base totally on scripture. Some are basic, (the milk), some are deeper, (the meat). You are welcome to join us and disagree if you must, but please respect the speaker and do not interrupt him/her with rude comments.


Record your sermon and have it published online in our forum to be accessed 24/7 by your members.

Christian Recovery has always been a part of the 4 Gospels Chirtian Network. We Are here to offer you an ear to listen and consoling words of scripture. We offer weekly share meetings for each CR group,(see calendar for day and time) We also offer the 25 audio step lessons of Celerbrate Recovery. We are not a part of Celerbrate Recovery. We only use their step lessons.

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